Saturday, May 26, 2012


What will we choose?

The carpenter's son we call Jesus of Nazareth was instrumental in helping to usher in the Age of Pisces. This was an age of deep universal truth, and also one of deep delusions, both of which are part of the Piscean energetic vibration, depending on how each individual and the society of individuals, responds to that vibration.

The old power paradigm of the Roman empire builders won the day by playing on the hopes and wishes of the peoples within their domain, thereby promoting the delusional side of Pisces and winning the battle between what we call "good" and "evil". This battle was symptomatic of the fear of losing power that is nearly always the catalyst for greater struggle at the changes of the ages.

The same is happening now, as the power elite attempt to hold on to their crumbling control structures, the physical and social as well as the economic, mental and what we might call the "spiritual", as we are now in the beginning of the much-touted Age of Aquarius, which represents purposeful change or, conversely, undirected or misdirected rebellion.

As a people and as individuals, it is entirely up to us how we resppond to those Aquarian energies. And our response is, above all other things, a statement and an indication of our growth and evolution as a species. We can either give in to the rebellious impulses, or we can choose to evolve, both individually and as a society.


Saturday, May 19, 2012


All that should be
    Already is, or will be
    When we awaken
    And become free.

And our inner eyes
    Begin to see...

Me!  As I am,
    And as I could be
    When I make the choice
    To simply BE...
    The real ME!

Copyright © Donald Charles Rice