Tuesday, April 22, 2014




I look around,
And I'm alone
In a crowd
That's having fun.
But I wonder
What fun is this
That has no aim
Beyond the run
Of time spent
With not a rhyme
Of reason or
Rational thought,
Desire to build
A future life,
An end to strife,
Together with
Another soul.

Then one day
There's someone there,
Hoping that
I'll notice her,
Wond'ring what
I think of her,
And wond'ring, too,
what I would do
If I knew
That she was free
To be with me,
To get to know
If we could be ...

Could we be
Together alone,
In the crowd
Yet not so loud,
No aimless goals,
Our purpose known
To us, and us alone?
Can we be ...

But all these thoughts
Are but the chaff
Of giving Self,
O! selfish Self!
Pow'r to deny
That which is right,
that which is true,
The real inquiry,
The need to know
If you are the soul
I need, I want. 
Are you that one
Who will abide,
Whom I can bide,
Stay by your side,
As One?

That is the real,
That is the true,
The only question
That needs to be
Answered by you,
Answered by me,
In time, in time!
The only way,
If we are to be,
We must make the time
To find the answer,
To know the Truth,
Discover if
We are,
Or can be...

Don Rice Jr.
For D. S. W.
(You know who you are!)
April 22, 2014

© 2014 Donald C. Rice Jr.