Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What was the real reason for invading Iraq?

Who remembers the Bush administration sending troops to Iraq under the claim that Saddam Hussein had "weapons of mass destruction (WMD)" and that he was a threat to the United States and its' interests?  If you recall, it was called "Operation Iraqi Freedom".  But first it was called something else.  Substitute one word in that title and you'll see the real purpose.  Or at the very least what many on the left call the real purpose:  Operation Iraqi Liberation.

Look at the first letters of each word.  O.I.L.

Don't believe it?  Watch this video:

Bush's press secretary, Ari Fleisher, refers to it specifically that way, twice in as many weeks, as shown in the video.  Scrolling down, one commenter gave the reaction of the troops in the field at the time.
Snafubar23 <> wrote as a comment on this video:

We were in Kuwait, waiting to invade when we were told the name of the operation. Being accustomed to turning every lengthy term into an acronym we instantly realized this gaffe. The universal reaction among us troops was more or less "Are you shitting me?"

To make it even more interesting, here's a quote from the darling of the right-wing religious evangelical fundamentalists, Pat Robertson:

“And so to sell the American people on weapons of mass destruction, he had WMD and was getting [concentrated uranium] yellowcake out of Africa and all of that, it was a lot of nonsense.  We were sold a bill of goods, we should never have gone into that country!”

See it here:

So for the moment, my question is, How many of Robertsons' followers and viewers will accept this very rare truth that he's spoken, and how many will stop watching him because he spoke that truth?


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